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Recently walked in with pre-existing knowledge of EXACTLY what I wanted from this location. I chose a sectional set, a queen bed set, and dinette set. Pretty nice haul. When I arrived and looked for the 3 sets I wanted, I was told that there was only the bed set available, and that I'd have to choose another, or wait 4-6 weeks for another delivery to come in. I had given them the suggestion of transporting another stores inventory to this location to accommodate me, and even offered to pay the extra transport fee. I also noticed 6 dents and dings in the display bed set they had. I drew the ladys attention to the matter and she told me that they would be delivering A NEW BED SET to my unit not to worry about it. Then she changed and said I would get the damaged set, at a discount. Huffily I agreed and continued. After a while they complied and could get me two of the three sets that I wanted. The third was a dinette that I had to upgrade to, a little to my dismay, but I wanted to get in and out without issue. Fast forward- after a couple of laughs and the first payment made, I scheduled the stuff to be delivered Monday between 6-8pm. Monday at 8am I called to confirm the time because they said they might be early. They confirmed 6-8. I was about to finish my day at work (8-5) and get ready to meet Bestway at my location, and they called at 4 asking to drop the items off now. I had to leave work early and meet them there.

They were on time and beat me home, they were friendly and but dinged up almost every item they brought into my unit. Nothing was wrapped, even on the truck nothing was wrapped. NOW REMEMBER, I knew there were 6 dings on the bed set only. Bed set came with bed set, a dresser with mirror and a nightstand. There were about 10 dents on the bed, another 6 on the dresser set and mirror and two of the four chairs that came with the dinette had noticeable dings in them along with the table. The only thing in mint condition was the sectional and even that was a bit rough under the cushions.

I sent the pictures to the lady WHILE THE MOVING MEN WERE STILL IDLING IN THE PARKING LOT, and asked to come in and have her look at the damage. I was told to text the pictures to their sales manager and she'd talk to the main manager. I told her I could come in, they didn't want me to, I asked to have new furniture replaced (it'd been sitting in the condo for about 20 minutes untouched) when they could get it in stock so they wouldn't have to discount me, and so I didn't have to deal with tore up furniture. They told me they'd call me back that evening or Tuesday. Neither happened. Today is Wednesday and I called and got the run around again, they seem very disinterested in keeping me a happy and paying customer (I've never been late or short on a payment as It's just started.) and more interested in keeping me docile and quiet.

I've rented from Rent a center before and had only one occurrence with damaged furniture on one item (couch) and they were happy to replace it or take a fee off of it. This is my first time going to Bestway, probably my last time if this doesn't get fixed. Like I said the people are literate and pretty kind, but customer satisfaction and quality control isn't really their strong suit. I'll be updating this review as I get more information from Bestway on University Pkwy Winston Salem NC

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of queen bed set and associated monetary loss in the amount of $500. Bestway Rent To Own needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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